Cold Turkey

Where Does the Phrase "Cold Turkey" Come From? | Merriam-Webster

I am steadfast believer in creating SMART goals. I usually write mine down at the beginning of the year. However I must confess that although I write the goals down, and I’m aware of them day to day, I really don’t do the best of holding myself accountable. It’s still a good exercise. This public blog post is a means of keeping myself more accountable than I have in the past.

One goal I had this year was to look at my phone less. That hasn’t gone particularly well. I sadly spend about two hours a day on average staring at this six inch screen in my hands. And if you’re thinking this post is about going cold turkey from my phone, it’s not. I’m going to cut out a major piece of my information diet which I believe in turn is creating a lot of anxiety.

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Four Years Ago

Four years ago I sat in the Cincinnati airport one night. I don’t travel all the time for work, but I’ve flown to Cincinnati more than any other place. It’s an ok airport. I’m a man of simple pleasures; it’s clean and not crowded, and very easy to get in and out of. But its size also works against it.

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Time Travel

The real reason Quantum Leap was cancelled
If I had to travel back in time with anyone, I’d choose Dean Stockwell.

When most people think about time travel, the use case is primarily one of two things: visit a family member who is no longer around or prevent a horrific event (i.e. 9/11, the Holocaust). I have what I feel is a novel use case for time travel: travel back in time and befriend the previous owner of my house to prevent them from making poor decisions that I will spend the remainder of my mortgage rectifying.

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The Hill

Hill Climbs for Road Bikers Near Denver | Westword
All hills in Illinois look like this.

In regards to any outdoor activity, my biggest adversary is two blocks away from my house and it’s only a nemesis on the return home from any route. My adversary is a small hill and it slays me every time.

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