Chuck Yeager’s Website Is the Right Stuff for All the Wrong Reasons

The website for the first man to break the sound barrier is the going to be the first to break your jaw. Visit his web store and your jaw will drop from your mouth to the floor at both the prices, products, and shipping time.

Let’s dive in.

Chuck Yeager’s web store is the Right Stuff Store. First, the logo is the plane that put Yeager on the map: the Glamorous Glennis™️. I’m surprised its trademarked since the name is on a plane that is property of the federal government and also, the plane isn’t a good or service.

But the good stuff, nay the right stuff, the stuff of e-commerce schadenfreude is right beneath it: 12 week ship times. My wife ordered something from one of those fly by night Instagram businesses. Even that took less than 12 weeks to ship and arrive at my house; it took 11 weeks.

Growing up, my house had copies of both of Yeager’s books. They’re entertaining reads. They’re basically Hunter Thompson books if Thompson grew up in West Virginia and flew for the Air Force. They’re also rated PG. Now three decades later, this books are to used book sales what Herb Alpert records are at used music sales: numerous and worth about 25 cents.

Why pay 25 cents like a chump when you can drop $850 on a hardcover book from three decades ago? For that price, this better be a first edition. Sadly, Yeager’s store does not carry Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff.

You can also purchase a recording from the Hour of Power when Yeager appeared on the show, live from the Crystal Cathedral. That is $350, which is a steal considering this is not on YouTube.

Speaking of steals, if you ever wanted to own The Right Stuff on DVD, best head over to Yeager’s website, where it can be yours for $600. If you want it signed, you can expect to add an additional $215. But if you’re like me and living in austere times, you can head to Amazon and purchase the film starting at $9. If Laserdisc is more your thing, you can expect to be in the $20 range.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the actual footage of when Yeager jumped in the F-104, which is in the finale of The Right Stuff, the Air Force just released it and it is as wild as the film.

My brother is a pilot in the Air Force and I’ve been thinking about buying a model plane for my desk at home. I may have to keep saving though, because the model of Yeager’s X-1 that’s for sale is a pretty $5k. The description doesn’t mention anything of the scale of the model, but I feel confident that for what I’m paying, I’m getting a 1:1 replica, albeit an autographed one, of one of the world’s most famous airplanes.

The oddest, but most essential item for sale is this necklace. Made from a slug fired by Yeager himself, this necklace will be a new heirloom for you and your family.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a gift that really says “I know you love the man who broke the sound barrier” consider this bronze statue. This can be a great conversation piece to any home, air base, or VFW hall.