My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Vax-Summer ’21 Release

Are you vaxed? Are you waxed? Is your Salesforce sandbox previewed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your summer is going to be lit.

It’s going to be hard to focus this summer. With everything opening up again, focusing on work is going to be a challenge. We have all this lost time to make up and we’re going to feel compelled to spend our disposable income on things other than online retail therapy and/or projects around the house.

And if you’re in the Salesforce ecosystem, it may be very hard to focus this summer as there’s a lot of good stuff in this release.

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Record Renamer 2.0

I had some time recently to update my record renamer flow, and wanted to document the changes in this post. Highlights of V2 include that it’s now a screen flow which resides on an app page, I removed the custom formula fields from the opportunities, and I added some conditionality in regards to which records the flow works on.

This post details the major changes, and how and where to implement them.

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How to Rapidly Rename Records in Salesforce with Flow

When I think of drudgery, I think of this classic bit from “Mr. Show.”

If you’re too lazy to watch the clip, basically if mustard and mayonnaise were in the same jar you’d save up to five minutes on your life over 30 years. That’s great ROI!

Renaming records is a chore. What if there was a way you could easily and rapidly rename your records in Salesforce? That’s right, there is a better way. Introducing Erik’s Rapid Record Renamer Flow™️. In this blog I’ll walk through this flow which rapidly renames an account and all the opportunities associated to an account. By taking the concepts here, you can apply them to any object in Salesforce. 

When it is finished, it’ll look like this for the user:

All opportunities will be renamed in a consistent naming convention. 

And the flow will look like this on the backend. Nowhere near as complex as my last post.

I have some grander ambitions for this flow, but this is V1. 

Let’s begin.

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How to Build a Screen Flow for Inside Call Centers

In this blog, I’m going to show you how to build a flow I use all the time. The scenario is inside sales or customer support reps want to get to the right records or take the right actions quickly. The best way to do that in Salesforce is with a flow.

In this example, the flow will pull up the customer’s orders, the company’s products, be able to create a new quote (and associated opportunity), and create a case. All without having to jump around. 

When it is finished, it’ll look like this for the user:

And the flow will look like this on the backend. 

Full disclosure, I did not build this originally; my colleague Joe Grace built this gem well over a year ago, but he gave me his blessing to write this up.

Let’s begin.

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My Favorite Things in The Salesforce Spring 21 Release

Spring training - Wikipedia

Hey 2021! You look different. Did you start working out? How’s your mom?

I know I didn’t do a post for the Winter 20 release, but honestly with the delay in the Summer release and Winter coming out shortly after that, it was a lot to take in. But now that we’re in a new year and it’s been a few months since a release, I’m back on my release blog horse so to speak.

Crazy to think that Spring is around the corner, and that means baseball is here once again. I don’t know how this season will shake out, but I’m disheartened by some moves my beloved Chicago Cubs are making. I knew what it was to be a lovable loser for most of my existence, but to see these trades is a little heartbreaking. I’m debating watching the White Sox more because 1) their team is young and exciting and primarily 2) I don’t have cable and Sox games are on broadcast tv, and I’m not getting cable so a family of billionaires can get more money from me. Stop breaking my Cubby blue heart Ricketts family!

I’ve really digressed here.

As always, this post is not a comprehensive recap of what’s in the release notes; this is more a reminder for myself and my customers about what’s new and interesting. Also, I’m not covering all the clouds, but I go through most of them.

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