My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release

Dune' Debuts New Look at Timothee Chalamet in Action Scene | IndieWire
I don’t know what’s more difficult to pronounce: Timothée Chalamet or Kwisatz Haderach

I’ve really fallen off the blogging train lately. My main excuse is I’m spending my free time playing guitar more than I ever have, and I’ve been rewatching a lot of wrestling from my youth. Thirdly, I’ve been slogging my way through reading Dune. I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie in a few weeks, yet I’ve never read the book. With about 100 pages to go, I can safely say it’s great and I recommend it.

The reason I bring up Dune is because Salesforce release notes are like Dune (the book): long, require an appendix, and are really a treatise about the environment.

I’m going to do something different in this post and place my favorite things in the release at the top of the post, and then give you the rest of my favorites things below. Fret not, this is not the beginning of this blog turning into a listicle content farm.

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My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Vax-Summer ’21 Release

Are you vaxed? Are you waxed? Is your Salesforce sandbox previewed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your summer is going to be lit.

It’s going to be hard to focus this summer. With everything opening up again, focusing on work is going to be a challenge. We have all this lost time to make up and we’re going to feel compelled to spend our disposable income on things other than online retail therapy and/or projects around the house.

And if you’re in the Salesforce ecosystem, it may be very hard to focus this summer as there’s a lot of good stuff in this release.

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The Best 86 Hours of 2021

See the Cast of 'The Sopranos' Then and Now

For years I’ve signed into the HBO app on my phone and I’ve seen James Gandolfini stare at me. It felt like a test. Watch my show, not Westworld. Watch my show, not Mr. Show again. 

At some point in early January, I decided that I needed to watch The Sopranos. It was one of the premiere TV shows that I have not seen, and I felt there was a New Jersey size hole in my pop culture heart that I needed to fill.

Watching the series start to finish over the last three months has been the best 86 hours of 2021. Period. I doubt any other show, book, or movie I consume this year will come close to as being as engrossing and rewarding as The Sopranos was.

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