Add Angular to a SharePoint Master Page

SharePoint Development is all about preferences. While there’s about six ways to do everything in SharePoint, I think a lot of the content out there about using Angular with SharePoint is mediocre at best. While those solutions may work, I don’t believe they’re scalable or the correct approach. In this post and some of the following posts, I’ll talk about different how you can easily get a SharePoint project up and running using Angular.

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How I Lost My Routine

I am a creature of routine. I wake up at 4:35 AM. I let the dog out. Use the restroom, change for the gym, and then head to the gym. I’m at the gym between 45 minutes and 55 minutes. I return home, bathe, eat breakfast, and head to the train. If the train is punctual, I’ll be in downtown Chicago by 7:30. After walking to the office, I’m at my office by 7:40. I then work until somewhere between 4:15 and 5 and take the train home. Once home, I cook dinner and attend to matters around the house.

Being so habitual, I thought losing a routine would be impossible, but I was wrong.

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