The Best 86 Hours of 2021

See the Cast of 'The Sopranos' Then and Now

For years I’ve signed into the HBO app on my phone and I’ve seen James Gandolfini stare at me. It felt like a test. Watch my show, not Westworld. Watch my show, not Mr. Show again. 

At some point in early January, I decided that I needed to watch The Sopranos. It was one of the premiere TV shows that I have not seen, and I felt there was a New Jersey size hole in my pop culture heart that I needed to fill.

Watching the series start to finish over the last three months has been the best 86 hours of 2021. Period. I doubt any other show, book, or movie I consume this year will come close to as being as engrossing and rewarding as The Sopranos was.

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