Harold Washington’s FBI File

I recently read Fire on the Prairie and it is an excellent book about the life of former mayor of Chicago Harold Washington. It was really eye opening in many ways. I have always heard about the so-called Council Wars, but I had no idea that one of the main driving factors was Washington’s race; the other was he was a non-machine politician.

I could probably do another blog post on the book and how a lot of the bigots in power then are still around today, but I want to talk about an omission from the book.

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Being in the FOIA Dumps

Last year at this time I wrote how reading The Art Of Access: Strategies For Acquiring Public Records put some swagger back into my FOIA requests. Well dear reader, it’s a year later and I feel like I’ve lost that swagger.

I’ve done a lot of requests lately but I have gotten mainly no responsive records and a lot of 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(v) exemptions. It’s disheartening especially since I do this on the side of my regular job as a hobby and I don’t have the resources or time to follow up and appeal with every request.

That being said, I still have a healthy backlog of requests to submit and I’m going to post a few quick blogs about these FOIA trials and tribulations. No records is never a fun response to open, but I am still an ardent believer in accountability and transparency and will keep fighting the good fight. 

How to Notify Multiple Account Ship-Tos with Process Builder and Chatter

This is my first real technical Salesforce blog! A customer had many ship-tos and wanted a way to collaborate from one account to another.

I demoed two ways: the first is the classic Chatter post where all the account owners reside. This way, they can get the notifications on their terms via subscriptions.

This isn’t necessarily the jazziest way to demo multiple account coordination. That’s when I wanted to have my good friend process builder iterate through the account hierarchy and let the other account owners know about something.

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