Dreamforce Pro-Tips

Dreamforce is a fortnight and a half away! This will be my second Dreamforce and I’m excited to attend and drink from the proverbial firehose of new information and engaging with our customers for a week. I recently attended a local user group where a few MVPs and perennial Dreamforce attendees (9, 10, and 13-time attendees were in the room) shared some best practices on how to make the most of the conference. I was really impressed with their knowledge, and wanted to share their pro-tips with the rest of the world.

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Rahm’s Emails

When Salesforce announced it was going to build a new building in Chicago, I thought to myself, “That’d be an interesting FOIA request.” I thought it would be an interesting request because the mayor at the time, Rahm Emanuel, was very pro-business and also was an avid user of a personal email for city business.

I wanted his emails to know what exactly transpired over email to get to this announcement. But instead, I found the request and subsequent appeal process, and Rahm’s mailing list to be much more interesting than what I originally sought.

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