Stop Writing With Bullshit

Your writing is full of bullshit. All your emails, blogs, and reports are full of unnecessary jargon, weasel words, and platitudes. And it’s all because you’re afraid of being bold and direct.

At least that’s what Josh Bernoff believes.

And according to him, you can change all of that. Bernoff’s book Writing Without Bullshit calls you out on your bullshit, but provides succinct and actionable ways to change not only how you write, but how you communicate.

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It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Blurst of Sentences

Every day I try to be a better writer. It would probably help if I wrote every day. While emails count, I feel they don’t let me flex my writing muscle.

I wanted a good grammar book to read. Something that was between diagraming sentences and Strunk and White. I recently read June Casagrande’s book It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences and found the book charming. In a breezy and conversational manner, Casagrande goes through the mechanics of good writing. I felt that for me, a busy professional, I was able to refresh my grammar without feeling beleaguered.

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