The Year of Susan

I was once eating lunch at a financial services client, with whom I’m a customer. The entire customer and consulting team shared a table. The client bragged about how their lunches are free. And there were right to brag; there was an impressive spread of food: a salad bar, sushi bar, pizza bar, sandwich station, and more. It was one of the best stocked cafeterias I’ve seen in my career and also had some of the best natural light I’ve experienced in a cafeteria. But I soon had the realization that I, as a customer, made this lunch possible. I did everything to control myself to not retort, “My policy holder dollars paid for that pizza and Diet Coke – you’re welcome.”

But the food spread and my jealousy of said spread were not the most interesting part of the conversation.

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My Salsa Filled Commute

I walk to the curb. The car’s windows are down and music is blasting. I step in.

“Need to get a coffee?” he asks.

“Nah – I’m good.”

“You like salsa music?”

“Sure.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever really listened to salsa music before.

The best Uber I ever took involved being in the seat of an Acura SUV as we blasted salsa music going down Wacker Drive during morning rush hour.

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Hate Reading

Me reading this book.

I just finished a book I did not like, but I mainly finished it because I paid $2 for it and wanted to get my money’s worth.

I didn’t know much about the book going into it, but it was recommended to me a few years ago by my then counselor for reasons I’ve since forgotten. I hated this book.

The book is everything wrong with self-help books: easy chapters with easy answers. The premise of the book is about saying no and finding balance in your life. I believe that finding balance when you’re a self-employed author and professional pollyanna comes easier to you than 99% of the population.

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