My Favorite Things in the Winter ’24 Salesforce Release

I knew I’d be playing with fire reading the release notes and attempting to write this blog the same week as Dreamforce. But when life gives you a conference you’re not attending, you turn that slow work week into blog lemonade!

As usual, this blog covers the core clouds and new capabilities that spark joy for me, and hopefully you too.

Since I cover an industry (public sector) I’m going to do something different and do a second post where I cover core industry products and public sector solutions in that post.

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Make Your Salesforce Demos Sing with Demo Data from ChatGPT

This is going to sound pretentious, but I’ve been using ChatGPT since late last year. One of the first things I did with it was to ask it to come up with pretend data for 311 cases in Salesforce. Instantly I knew that it would be a game changer for customer demos.

I see a lot of Salesforce demos and I know what can separate so-so demos from great demos, and often it can be data that’s relatable to the customer.

In this blog I’m going to walk you through how to use ChatGPT to create relevant mock data pretty easily so your demo can be personalized for your customer. This blog will cover uploading demo data into core, how to use ChatGPT to manipulate existing data, and how you can upload demo data into analytics as well.

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My Favorite Things in the Winter ’23 Salesforce Release

Foliage reflecting off the bean.

It’s fall y’all. Time to listen to a Yo La Tengo record, watch the Bears lose, and do a bunch of outdoor stuff before it gets miserable for three months.

Personally, I always pull out my Wu Tang Clan records in the fall. Grimy soul beats and rhymes about Shaolin gives me all the fall feels. Plus that yellow W matches the leaves on the trees outside.

So if WuTang is not for you, and picking apples is more your fall activity, or if you’ve been stuck inside for the past two days like me because of rain, it’s a good time to catch up on my favorite things in the Winter ’23 Salesforce release.

As usual, a lot of little things in these releases are more exciting to me than big things like Genie, which I have not covered here, but will explore in a later post.

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My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Summer ’22 Release

Summer in the City: 5 things to do in Chicago this summer | TodayTix Insider
Summer in Chicago is great until the middle of July when it becomes oppressively hot

Hey Readers. Just when you thought you’ve read every post about the new Summer release, here’s one more to make your release notes cup runneth over.

I would have been sooner to the blogging party, but life as a solution engineer at Salesforce keeps you busy, so with a little bit of a lull I was able to catch up and put this post together for you. Like last time, I’m taking a break from the monolithic release recaps and just focusing on creating a more succinct and meaningful summary.

Let’s dive in.

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My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release

Spring in Chicago | A stroll in the park on a beautiful day | Ferdinand M |  Flickr
It’s been really cold lately in Chicagoland. Can’t wait to see the tulips soon.

Hey readers. I usually do a big monolithic blog every time there’s a new Salesforce release. I like it; it’s a fun creative exercise. But after reading the release notes, which often takes a day or two, writing a blog that’s full of my trademark wit and pop culture references is really taxing and exhausting, it takes at least 20 hours of my time. I think writing my last tome about a Salesforce release broke me.

For this release, I’m going to scale down the wit and the pop culture references and give it to you straight.

Also, to be candid, I’m not wild about this release. It’s a lot of small stuff. But with Salesforce releases, I feel you often have to consider the long game. A release is usually lots of little things which head to the right direction, which in a release or two might be more more transformative. But if you like working with Flow, then each release will make you party like it’s 1999.

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