How to Use SharePoint PNP to Create a Site Inventory Script

Content inventory scripts are essential for me, my teammates, and my clients. Often though, I find myself re-writing scripts because Client A wants these fields, and Client B wants those fields. To save me the headache of writing a new script every time, I wanted an inventory script that retrieves every field. I was tired of using CSOM scripts for inventory, so instead decided to try using PNP for inventory. Now instead of writing a new script every time, all I need to do is delete columns in Excel instead.

I’ve used PNP for provisioning, but never for inventory. I found that by using PNP the inventory script was much quicker to write and was much more powerful.

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Correlation Errors in Office 365: Cute as a Button, Still Useless

This morning I was doing some configuration in a client’s Office 365 tenant when I saw this cute little guy this morning.

At first I was like “Huh – that’s new.” But then I got mad.

After years of not having meaningful error pages in O365, Microsoft gives us this cartoon animal instead of the error message. What a rip off! What product team approved this? You can’t tell me there is some UserVoice out there that said “Create non-fugly error pages” and everyone upvoted it three times. Some cute cartoon animal is not going to make my anger dissipate because an error occurred.

I believe this update is spiteful to all the developers and admins out there who have been grinding away in O365 for years and still do not have effective error pages.

Add Angular to a SharePoint Master Page

SharePoint Development is all about preferences. While there’s about six ways to do everything in SharePoint, I think a lot of the content out there about using Angular with SharePoint is mediocre at best. While those solutions may work, I don’t believe they’re scalable or the correct approach. In this post and some of the following posts, I’ll talk about different how you can easily get a SharePoint project up and running using Angular.

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