My Favorite Things in the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

A Woman wearing a Salesforce branded hoodie using an air fryer.
I asked Bing to create an image of a person who enjoys both their air fryer and Salesforce and this is what I got. One string hoodies are the newest fashion trend!

I’m usually late to trends in home cooking. I’m a decent cook, but I don’t like my cabinets being a wasteland of previous trends. It took me about three years to get an InstantPot, and while that was fun for about six months, it now mainly collects dust.

I finally broke down and bought an air fryer recently and it’s pretty awesome. With children, cooking is a unique set of challenges. It often needs to be fast, and at the end of the day the last thing I want is a massive pile of dishes. The air fryer has shown that I can create tasty meals without having to pull out my proverbial rolodex of kitchen appliances to make a meal.

Enough about me and my kitchen appliances.

As usual, this blog covers the core clouds and new capabilities that spark joy for me, and hopefully you too.

Last release I did two posts: one around core clouds and another around industry components and public sector solutions. I’ve done that once again.



Data Cloud

While Data Cloud is a core cloud, there is so much here, that me writing a few bullet points isn’t going to do it justice. For this release just now know that Einstein Studio is where all the AI models live.


I really don’t touch much on development in my blogs, but there’s a few things to know about.


Almost all of my customers use Shield, and there’s three things of note this release.



The authentication, form, and payment components are a new class of asynchronous messaging components. Unlike with other messaging components, when the bot sends an asynchronous component, the customer can respond to the component later.

To ensure a natural conversational experience, you can tell the bot to wait for customer input or move on to the next dialog step depending on the scenario. You can also control how the bot responds to errors by customizing error handling for asynchronous components.

Experience Cloud

  • Experience Delivery (Pilot). I really like this. This gives you both a CDN and server side rendering for your experience cloud site. Why is this important? Several customers use experience cloud for open enrollment. Think about a site that’s pretty dormant most of the year then BAM! Millions of hits a month. Experience delivery helps ensure that you site can scale for peak time.

Field Service

Mobile Salesforce

Sales Cloud

  • Lead intelligence view is now in all editions. No add-on license required. Pass leads to partners? No problemo. Partners and channel resellers can have the same insights, but that requires a PRM license.
  • Cadence builder in sales engagement, the product fka high velocity sales, has a nice clean look. Sadly as of now it does not support auto-launched or screen flows.

Service Cloud

Home stretch folks. And as always, Service Cloud has oodles of new things.

Whew – that’s it until the next release! And with a new Taylor Swift album imminent, will the team writing the release notes step up to plate again this Summer? Time will tell!