My Favorite Things in The Salesforce Spring 21 Release

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Hey 2021! You look different. Did you start working out? How’s your mom?

I know I didn’t do a post for the Winter 20 release, but honestly with the delay in the Summer release and Winter coming out shortly after that, it was a lot to take in. But now that we’re in a new year and it’s been a few months since a release, I’m back on my release blog horse so to speak.

Crazy to think that Spring is around the corner, and that means baseball is here once again. I don’t know how this season will shake out, but I’m disheartened by some moves my beloved Chicago Cubs are making. I knew what it was to be a lovable loser for most of my existence, but to see these trades is a little heartbreaking. I’m debating watching the White Sox more because 1) their team is young and exciting and primarily 2) I don’t have cable and Sox games are on broadcast tv, and I’m not getting cable so a family of billionaires can get more money from me. Stop breaking my Cubby blue heart Ricketts family!

I’ve really digressed here.

As always, this post is not a comprehensive recap of what’s in the release notes; this is more a reminder for myself and my customers about what’s new and interesting. Also, I’m not covering all the clouds, but I go through most of them.

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