My Favorite Industry Things in the Salesforce Spring ’24 Release

This post will cover the common industry components, as well as what’s new within public sector solutions. My post around what’s new this release in core clouds can be found here.

Last time I made my post around industry capabilities much more prose heavy, but due to time constraints, as well as a lot of these capabilities being rather incremental, I’m sticking with bullet points here. Fret not, I’ll still do my best to make it educational and mildly entertaining.

A grievance before we get started. Presently most of the documentation for these capabilities does not have images in the release notes, and as such most of my post around industries is sans pictures. Now you may be saying, “Erik – fire up a sandbox preview and start screenshotting.” These blogs are are very intensive use of my time. If I wasn’t spending over 20 hours reading the notes and writing them up per release, I would do that. So if anyone from product is reading this, some more pictures in the release notes going forward would help not only yours truly, but also our customers. Thanks.


Across all of the industry clouds there’s something called Common Components, which are, you guessed it, common across all of the clouds. In this section I cover things like Business Rule Engine, Contracts, and more.

I’m saving the best for last. Scheduled reminders. Think about how many times things fall through the cracks? Or if you’re a developer or an administrator how many reminder flows your have? Now you can create reminders right on platform. I believe this will work on any object. While I am a huge proponent of Flow, I think having a simple interface like this in-lieu of Flow, will really ensure that people are taking advantage of this and ensuring that admins/devs can focus on more high priority items.

Public Sector Solutions

I was recently deep in some documentation on Public Sector Solutions. I know that PSS is built on top of Service Cloud, but did you know it also includes most Sales Cloud capabilities too? It’s true. Basically everything except Pipeline Inspection, Forecast, and Custom Measures. Neat! Anyways, back to what’s in this release.

  • Lots of components are now out of the box in this release, meaning there’s no need to download them via Salesforce industries process library


A few things in Grantmaking. These capabilities are shared across Non-Profit and Public Sector Solutions.

Whew – that’s it until the next release!