Reasons to be Cheerful Part 1

The world is pretty awful right now. To fight this gloom, I’m writing about a few things that make me cheerful to help power through these challenging times.

As readers may know, I’m gluten free. Finding gluten free substitutes doesn’t mean that the flavor or texture will match what you’re used to. That being said, I unequivocally recommend King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pancake Mix. Pancake mixes for me used to be instant; this requires the mixture to set for ten minutes. I assure you dear reader, that these 10 minutes are worth the wait. These pancakes are succulent. Recently we’ve been dairy free in my house. Using almond milk with these pancakes really elevates the flavor and the flapjacks seem more tender than ever.

Politics has brought me some joy this week. Naperville voted yes, on a non-binding referendum vote, to approve the sale of recreational marijuana in the city. It’s good when nimbyism is defeated.

Speaking of defeat, Dan Lipinski lost his re-election bid to Congress this week. He’ll probably become a lobbyist like his dad, but this made me happy.

The Bears got a new quarterback. I won’t be happy unless we win more games than last season, but right now this is some optimism to look forward to.

Governor Pritzker said FOIA officers would keep processing requests.

I made a Depeche Mode reference on a call with over a dozen attendees from a customer.

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying memes more than usual. This scientist meme is my favorite at the moment.

And if you need to feel cheerful right now, you better listen to this.